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We've landed!

First family picture on our new future farm land #dreamscometrue

A new beginning.

8 years of dreaming and scheming to be farmers.

We are land owners as of March 28th, 2018.

We live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I have an inkling of what others think...a farm in the desert, can you even grow anything, what about the water supply, isn’t it too hot, you are crazy but despite these doubts we push forward.

Almost every time we tell someone that we want land to start a farm the usual response starts with, “You know what you should do...”. We should do what we are passionate about and fulfill the desires of our souls. My husband, Kyle, and I have a deep desire to change food the culture in Nevada/America. We dream of nourishing, connecting and educating our community. We also want to supply restaurants with fresh local food and teach our young about where their food comes from.

As much as we wish it could start today, the land is raw and needs all of the standard utilities to start then we can build our home.

We would like to invite you to join us on our journey to start this dream of the Green Table Farm in Las Vegas, NV!

Eat Well and be Green,


#sustainablefarm #futurefarmofnevada #eatlocal #desertliving #lasvegas

5 acres of desert land destined to be a farm #homesteader #destiny

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